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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call". a massive six alarm fire destroyed five houses in brooklyn.investigators are looking into what started the massive blaze. ben: donald trump's campaign manager is charged with battery for grabbing a woman's arm. the republican presidential candidate is coming to the manager's defense. >> police are searching for two men wanted for installing debit cards skimmers in brooklyn and queens. how lovely. >> . ben: good morning. juliet: good morning. ben: is wednesday morning march 30. juliet: why are we saying whoa .
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it's pretty fast . [laughter] was gone the way of what is the weather going to be like . this morning there is a chilled with temperatures in the 30s. is 36 in islip and 35 in bridgeport. waking up in the 20s now in poughkeepsie and off toward sussex and monticello. these numbers are cooler than they were this time yesterday. almost 200 colder and parts of the area like to see and sussex. winds are lighter and it's brisk across the area. now, the wind lightens up and today we will look much more like yesterday.
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more wind. we see plenty of sunshine on wednesday. it's nice and dry in the northeast we see plenty of sunshine . temperatures feeling pretty good in the mid-50s across the tri-state. we go up into the 60s and have a chance of rain on friday. it will be a wet end of the week and temperatures will take the drop on sunday with highs in the 40s. we will have a check at the weather. here is ines . ines: a bit of a problem at route 1 closed in both directions. there is an accident investigation on route 80. there is no problems on the parkway. let's go to the trains. as far as that's going on, it's running on or close to schedule an street cleaning rules are in effect. >> thank you, ines.
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through five grow houses. we have amazing video. it's devastating. ben: he blew his drone over it in the first call came in before 10:00 pm. the fire started with four other buildings on either side. it eventually went to six alarms with 200 firefighters on the scene and it was brought under control just before 130 a.m. some are still in danger of collapsing. 11 people are hurt including a firefighter. no word yet on the cause. >> hillary clinton brings her presidential campaign to harlem and her current bernie sanders will be here later in the week. >> on the republican side, donald trump's campaign manager is charged with simple battery. this is a stone video that came out and there was only one angle being shown on the internet. then they got their hands on some other angles. robert moses joins us with a look at the republican race.
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problem? robert: one of the republican candidates will be in new york today. seems like everything rose right off of donald trump. the biggest story about the campaign now does not center around the candidate the talk on the trail is focused on the case. it came from a truck property on march 8 and was released by police in jupiter appears to show donald trump's campaign manager , cordy levin dusky, grabbing michelle fields , who was a reporter. it contradicts to in which he wrote michelle fields, you are totally delusional i never touched you. as a matter of fact , i have never met you. >> he tweeted a picture of bruises that she says he caused. he turned himself into
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trump spent the day standing by his man. >> i see nothing and we are going to destroy a man's life over this? she is not a baby. >> trump says fields was the one out of line. , done and finished and she was running up and grabbing and asking questions as he wasn't supposed to be doing that. i told him to never settle the case go all the way. >> members of the campaign staff should not be physically assaulting the press. that should not be a complicated decision. >> you want to give people the benefit of the doubt when you see things pretty clear , from what i understand the video is clear and of course i would fire him. >> field spoke out on twitter when trump
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had changed, she responded my response story never change seriously, just stop line. >> scott walker, who was running for president one point, endorsed ted cruz and now back to levin dusky. the charge he faces is a misdemeanor. he is due in court on may 4. there will be a camera or 20 awaiting him. you are very perceptive, robert . juliet: it's 4:36 am in the former senator has lost his license to practice law. he was being charged with corruption charges in november . this garment was retroactive. he traded papers in return for $5 million. he was the most powerful guy .
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the ex-speaker will be sentenced in april. >> police have released a photo of two men one for installing debit cards skimmers on credit card machines in brooklyn and queens. they were seen removing and replacing the devices at five different td bank branches. it's not like these were random atms at bodegas these are at the banks. they have identified the men . call crime stoppers if you have information at antwan lewis 1-800-577-tips . >> costumes could be taken to certain zones. the department of transportation will be able to create zones at the pedestrian plazas. the public. is set for 10:00 this morning at city hall.
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of arrest for characters harassing taurus. the latest was spiderman who got into a kicking fight with a was a hold melee. this will allow pedestrians to interact with the people if they want to. the city's plan is being blamed for a growing problem in certain neighborhoods. the commissioners says the agency has to disable the anti-graffiti crew and it's not cleaning up the tags on signs and other city properties. the reason is the city needs every dollar it can get . the city plans to paint and clean every five years. they say they could not get anyone to see start in the district. >> the hijacking of the
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be over a woman. they say he is psychologically unstable. he was motivated by family. his ex-wife and it turned out to be fake . it was forced to land in cyprus. he surrendered after a six hour standoff in the entire incident raises more questions about airport security. it comes after a russian jet was flown over egypt in october. >> temperatures are heading into the 50s. warmer weather is on the way. let's hope so. >> not soon enough. audrey point does is in for
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were starting off a bit chillier than we were yesterday. temperatures at 380 in central park. humidity is relatively dry at the moment. we have a north northwest when being in the cooler temperatures across the area. again across long island, temperatures in the upper 30s in far rockaway. 350 in bridgeport in the 20s in danbury. new york city is checking in at 380.we are nice and dry in the satellite and radar across the northeast. we are expecting sunshine wednesday as high pressure takes control of the
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there is a disturbing sitting off to the west and were keeping an eye on it. it will be moving its way towards our area to give us a chance of rain starting late tomorrow night and friday. clouds will be quick to move in and they are coming in ahead of the system coming into the west. we will bring in rain through the area on friday. it's not a widespread rain but it's enough to expect scattered showers throughout the day. everything should clear out for the weekend. we are looking at the month so far and i want to point out that tortures have been above average for the month above march. warmest day was the 10th at 790. we started out at 260.for today, we will owe to the high numbers in the mid- upper 50s. we will have less wind and that will be the big difference from yesterday. we saw into the 60s
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again tomorrow. dryer for the weekend as temperatures drop into the 50s. into the 40s by sunday. track the weather anytime by downloading the weather up . it's google play searching for fox 5 with daily and hourly forecast. download fox 5 ny weather app . ines: let's start out with putnam county. a commute on 64 with no issues on the titanic. as you drive around staten island, things are looking good on the expressway. let's look at the cameras and the lie. driving into the city we have the lower levels in the lincoln tunnel .
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wanted to cuddle. check out the video the rat climbing up the leg. it's a sleeping passenger on the subway this weekend. on the seven train to manhattan , the passenger woke up with quite a scream . >> he then realized exactly what was going on. >> nice of a guy shooting the video . >> just take out your phone and shoot video. >> curtis knows all about the rat on the subway . curtis: what an introduction.
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your mayor and we talk about the word hero too often. you won't use it for yourself? >> i am not talking about salami. there was an article in the paper with the uptown one train. there was a rather aggressive dancer who came into the carriage. he had seen you in the carriage and did not know it was you. he was reading the new york times in a peer to be distracted . intervened in some kind of potential slowdown.>> it was psycho boy. it was a guy pretending to be one of these dancers. we saw them there and doing a centipede in the helicopter. you remember the days when you would freestyle. ask the point is this guy is not the answer at all. he had all the furniture upstairs rearrange in the
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low-budget robot and says shows done give me your money. he goes up to people and he's mad david i'm saying where's the money. he bumps this new york post reporter . the guy is having an attack . this guy did i realize i was there. i was yelling at him and in his face but he was oblivious. i ended up giving him an attitude readjustment. >> a concrete facial . he felt the wrath. according to the new york post , is that i saved his life. >> i will not wash my hands.
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major minority battery involved. >> we would've been happy if curtis was there. >> this is corey grabbing the arm enough to bruise her. apparently. she said she had a bruise that was finger -shaped . >> come on! diva girl used to be in the queue of all the reporters. you are shaking your tail a little bit to get your attention of these people. >> i don't remember ever doing that. if someone got me the way he grabbed her i would have pushed him right back. >> i would not have let him
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>> that's a really great area. they are making a sound like the capital crime. >> i agree with you on that one but you should not be manhandling reporters. >> all of you are rallying around . >> i don't think it was aggressive as people are making it. >> she did not get battered or attacked or assaulted. she got jostled. >> donald trump spoke out and he said she had a pen and it could've been a knife but he said pens can do damage. >> he said imagine i will come after you with this and the pigpen . there's people who can do mascara with one hand and hold the other hand .
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are saying there should be no punishment? >> an apology, sure. this is way past apology. >> he is not apologizing to anybody. >> trump says don't settle anything. >> he talked about suing her. >> we need more heroes like you ! >> is the drive at five at noon. >> we finally figured out that this very strange situation with matt harvey sounds like you will take the mound. duke will not say with the
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ben: time now for sports . duke: you would think the sky was falling. you know matt harvey got the okay. turns out the issue with a blood clot and he was able to get it all cleared up now. harvey remains on track. on sunday night in kansas city harvey had to say this about it yesterday.>> is an infection that created a blood clot . it was a great first day. it was the 27th birthday and we cleared that. we had a procedure done this morning to go in and check bladder. everything was cleared. >> and he will pitch a couple of innings today to get into the groove. >> now down to the yankees. he looks like he is lot the staff. he gave up three hits and the yankees beat him at
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>> team usa needed a win against what guatemala. in 2018 a lost on friday. >> they got after it in a hurry. michael bradley with josie out the door. the hope is back on track in the usa. two games are left.>> the islanders and hurricanes went to a was is the top
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the devils keep their feet . they slide to the victory. and that's get blown out by orlando. 139 at 105. >> wow! they scored the same back in 2009. >> wwe hosting a brand-new show. it was right here on fox called american grid. it premieres on april 14 on fox five. follow 16 of the toughest men and women with a variety of military grade . it's a group of elite members and they team up to their limits with up to $1 million in a test of teamwork. it's the first and it looks cool! in the meantime, wrestlemania 32. somehow someway not a part of the wwe even.
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and also in upcoming involvement and what it will be. you can turn this sunday to find out.>> you are going to have to find out. why make an impact or not? even itself will be spectacular! i predict that there will be 18,000 people to see the greatest show on earth. >> sena in his no-show will debut on thursday, april 19 the 14th right here in fox five. >> like the divas that show his girlfriend. >> he so cool. >> we had a lot of fun yesterday. i will play a kicker for you in the next hour. >> we are in the same magazine. >> here we go. >> he was really funny about it.
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from fox 5 , this is "good day wake up" >> what a beautiful shot of lady liberty. it's 5:00 and we eventually start to the day. we will warm up later on. it's a little bit of wind blowing out of town. audrey will tell us yes, sir no, coming up. >> 11 people injured in a late-night fire in bushwick brooklyn. the fire went to destroy five homes.>> trump is in trouble. his campaign manager is charged with battery against a reporter.they say it's been brewing for a while and we will have a live report.


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